SEBI’s Bold Move: Tasks Brokers to Safeguard Fair Trading

SEBI’s Bold Move: Tasks Brokers to Safeguard Fair Trading

It is thrilling to witness SEBI’s latest stride in fostering fair trading practices and eradicating market manipulations. In a circular issued yesterday to Qualified Stock Brokers (QSB), SEBI has entrusted them with an enhanced responsibility to diligently monitor unusual trade patterns, specifically targeting manipulations on deep Out of Money (OTM) contracts.

SEBI’s drive to curbing fraudulent and unfair trade practices, including price manipulation, front-running, circular trading, and market manipulation, remains steadfast. To ensure a level playing field, SEBI maintains a robust surveillance system that promptly detects such malpractices. The consequences for offenders are swift, ranging from penalties and disgorgement of illegal gains to initiating criminal proceedings.

SEBI operates an efficient online complaint redressal system.

Significance of traders’ skills, market dynamics, investment products, risk management techniques, and safeguarding their rights can never be overemphasised.

Ajay Agarwal, Chief Mentor Option Gurukul


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