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Option Gurukul is founded by Mr. Ajay Agarwal commonly known as Option Guru, to inculcate people who are already investing in stock market or trading in derivatives and also, for those who want to commence a fresh. At Option Gurukul, we are ardent to avail you get better with your trading skills by imparting applied knowledge and hand holding with our especially designed Training Modules. Let us know what make these training modules different and efficacious enough to inculcate the disciplined approach in your trading system.

Easy to Understand

In all of our training programs designed by us, we rather than mesmerizing the audience with trading jargon we utilize simple examples and ascertain to expound concepts with authentic-time case studies in layman language. So that everyone can relate to the concept of Trading, Investing and make the knowledge utilizable to them once they go back home

Multi - Layered Analysis

The market will always be dubious so rather than endeavoring to take command on the proximately infeasible Market trend, we endeavor to control the psychology of our self by ascertaining multi-layered analysis utilizing Technical Analysis along with Derivative Analysis and ascertaining high probability trades and making our strategy more scientific and hence consistent.

Risk Management First

Trading discipline always advocates that while trading you requires following the step by step approach while drafting a trading plan. As per this orchestration first step has to be of Risk Management, then Money Management comes then Trade Management and at last, we fixate on Profit Management, which is generally followed in an inversion manner

Our Courses

Our unique training modules are for all those Traders, Investors and beginners who appreciate Logical and disciplined approach to have consistent income over speculative trades.

Participants Feedback

About our programs, way of teaching, content of program and our Faculty.

The Programme was simply awesome, I learnt a lot of new things and the faculty and team was amazing.

Jugal Bagga - Lawyer

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SEBI’s Bold Move: Tasks Brokers to Safeguard Fair Trading

It is thrilling to witness SEBI’s latest stride in fostering fair trading practices and eradicating market manipulations. In a circular issued yesterday to Qualified Stock Brokers (QSB), SEBI has entrusted them with an enhanced responsibility to diligently monitor unusual trade patterns, specifically targeting manipulations on deep Out of Money (OTM) contracts.

SEBI’s drive to curbing fraudulent and unfair trade practices, including price manipulation, front-running, circular trading, and market manipulation, remains steadfast. To ensure a level playing field, SEBI maintains a robust surveillance system that promptly detects such malpractices. The consequences for offenders are swift, ranging from penalties and disgorgement of illegal gains to initiating criminal proceedings.

SEBI operates an efficient online complaint redressal system.

Significance of traders’ skills, market dynamics, investment products, risk management techniques, and safeguarding their rights can never be overemphasised.

Ajay Agarwal, Chief Mentor Option Gurukul

Thrills of Failure

Bookstores are full of good books on dieting, but the world is still full of overweight people.

One of my cuisines was an elegant dresser. She wanted to lose weight and she didn’t eat junk in front of people, but then in her kitchen, she would go for it with a big spoon. Every time, it was just one bite! She wanted to be slim, but remained fat.

The short-term pleasure of eating overtook her than the delayed joy of health benefits of weight loss. She resembled a great many equity traders who want to be successful but keep making impulsive trades. The short-term thrills are expensive and fatal for Equity traders.

“The individual investor should act consistently as an investor and not as a speculator.” – Ben Graham

The three components of successful trading are (a) market analysis, (b) risk management and (c) psychology. Option Gurukul has helped thousands of traders in Scientific Yet Simple successful Trading for consistent regular income from Stock Market.

Daily Market Analysis | 15th July 2022

Daily Market Analysis : 15th July 2022

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