Techno Derivative Workshop

Techno Derivative Workshop



Join this unique 6 days workshop with 4 Live market days. Program is always scheduled on Saturday Sunday Wednesday & Thursday, to ensure that concepts you have learned on Saturday and Sunday could be put to work in the live market under the guidance of our faculty present in the classroom. Moreover, the 30 days hand-holding period after workshop hardens the disciplined approach of scientific trading into your trading System. Techno Derivative is the best workshop in India that not only caters to Traders in spite it greatly help long term investors and wealth creators.

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Techno Derivative is an Option trading course which simplifies your life as a trader. There is a scientific method of earning consistently within the stock market. This course teaches you that. If you want to move away from speculation and become a professional trader then, this course is for you. It’s a 6-day classroom program in which you learn to make strategies with which you can earn consistently in the market.
. If you’re trying to find one amongst the simplest Option Trading courses pan India then this right course for you.
Technical Analysis shows solely 50% the real scenario adding to it the Derivative Analysis you will be able to trade with success. Relying solely on technical analysis can ne’er ring in profit systematically. The reason for the low success rate of technical analysis is that when you are doing Technical analysis you are only looking at charts which are the pictorial presentation of Future price. Here you are completely ignoring the positions existing in the market the data which is very powerful & we believe that market moves based on options data.

Techno Derivative Workshop is based on how to combine Technical & Derivative analysis to form a market’s trend view and then frame low-risk strategy. It conjointly includes a way to do risk management in stock trading. The highlight of this program is that we tend to assist you in the live market trading for the entire one month of mentorship to assist you in implementing your learning from the classroom to the Live Market.


It’s a 6-day classroom program Including 4days Live Market trading experience and support. We promise this can be one thing you’d not have practised in any of the market-related coaching’s. This course is just a class apart.

Audience & Prerequisite Format & Course Overview

Course Type: Classroom

Duration: 6 Days (Saturday to Thursday)

This course fantastically combines theory and the sensible implementation of learning within the real market.

  • 6 days classroom workshop ( With Four days live market trading on Monday & Thursday)
  • Program deals with combining technical analysis with Option data analysis to understand the trend of the market
  • Framing strategies with a high probability of profit with low risk
  • Options Strategies for different market conditions
  • Option Morphing for converting losing trades to a neutral or profitable trade.
  • How to interpret the Open Interest within the market
  • Methods to spot long build-up, short build-up, long unwind & short-covering
  • Find out the most probable point of expiry
  • Use of Greeks: Delta, Theta, Vega, Gamma, Rho.
  • Breakouts, Chart patterns & Projections
  • Use Greeks to seek out out whether or not option instrument to be sold-out or bought
  • How to trade massive events & high volatility days
  • Basis understanding of F&O of required
  • Four day live market trading based on intraday trade setups introduced in workshop
  • One weekly Expiry day trading class

The course is designed for those who are looking for regular income from trading
Technical analysis and Options data analysis area unit 2 pillars of market research that once combined will turn out lovely results. We have one such course referred to as Techno Derivative that is our popular course.
It’s one of the best courses on the stock market that you will ever attend. This program can show wonderful potentialities within the market. It will simplify the complexities of markets for you. It will change the way you look and interpret the markets.