Stock Market Simplified : Fast Track

Stock Market Simplified : Fast Track


Stock Market Simplified is a unique webinar series of 8 webinars covering the essentials and most critical aspects of Stock Trading. Each webinar of this series will be conducted  from 8pm to 10pm on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays:

  • Access to live Webinars Along with Recordings

Seats limited to 12 participants. So book your slot now and learn from the ease of your home.

Series starting date : To Be announced Soon


Stock Market Simplified : Fast Track

The SMS Webinar Series is specifically tailored for novice traders seeking to establish a strong foundation in the stock market, enabling them to enhance their trading skills and gain greater control over their trades.

Having a clear understanding of concepts is essential for traders to finely adjust their execution plans in response to continuously evolving market dynamics.

Course Coverage:

Module 1: Introduction of Stock Investing

  • Case on Equity Investments
  • Capital Market Introduction
  • Equity Market & its Composition
  • Participants in Equity markets
  • Stock Exchanges in India
  • Market Regulator – SEBI
  • Taxation on Equity Investments
  • Over View of Investments
  • Over View of Demat & Trading Account

Module 2: Critical Aspects of Technical Analysis

  • Introduction to Technical Analysis
  • Comparison between Technical Analysis & Derivative Analysis
  • Assumptions of Technical Analysis
  • Dow Theory
  • Components of Technical Analysis
  • Support and Resistance Levels
  • Chart Patterns & Candlestick patterns
  • Chart Analysis on trading account (Live Demo)

Module 3: Key Elements of Derivative Analysis

  • Introduction of Futures
  • Margin, MTM & Settlements
  • Introduction to Option
  • Option Pricing and Exiting Option
  • NSE website Data Analysis
  • Option Chain Analysis
  • Put Call Ration and Rollover Ratio Analysis
  • Participant wise Data Analysis

Module 4: F&O Trading Strategies

  • Option Pricing
  • Option Greeks
  • Market Indicators & Interpretation
  • Derivative Strategies
  • Intraday Trading with derivatives
  • Beta Hedging for Equity Portfolio
  • Derivative Trading (Trade Setups)

Format :

  • 8 Webinar of this series will be conducted from 8pm to 10pm on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays
  • Live Webinar Series with Recordings (Recordings will be mailed to participants after all webinar sessions)
  • The webinar will be of 2 Hour each

Program Fee :

  • Rs 15000/- all inclusive



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