Option Mastery Classes

Option Mastery Classes

Option Mastery Classes is a yearlong online course which cumulates Technical Analysis, Derivative analysis and the most paramount psychological aspect of trading.

It’s a mentor-ship program where we provide hand-holding and support at every step of the way to enhance your erudition & understanding of the stock market.

One year will avail you visually perceive many different scenarios and trends in the market. Your approach for every event and different trends will not be equivalent. One strategy that is successful in one scenario may not work when the condition or the trend change. A year-long course will be ample for you to learn to analyse the market in different market situation and trends.


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Every morning there will be a live online session to understand Option Trading Concepts & the current market as well as the global scenario. A strategy is made as per the market trend and is implemented when the market opens. We eschew intraday trading, majorly positional trades are taken. There is the provision of Weekend sessions as well to avail you understand the deeper concepts of technical and derivative analysis.

The best part is that you’ll get the recording for all the sessions. These recording will remain with you any time. You have any time access to it, any number of times. So, even if you miss a session it won’t hamper your cognition.

This Course has helped traders inculcate the systematic Trading approach and can do it for you additionally. We require not more than 1 -2 hour of daily market analysis. By the time your course gets over you will become a self-reliant and disciplined trader.


Format & Course Overview

  • It’s a one-year extensive course
  • Live webinar session in the morning on market analysis & strategy
  • You get a recording for each and every session conducted in Learn & Earn course during this 1 year.
  • Analysing market data like Option data, FII investment, price action & analysis of open interest and much more
  • Formulating Option strategies in different market condition
  • When and how to do Portfolio hedging
  • Make you aware of hedging and De-hedging triggers for your portfolio
  • Daily Technical Analysis of different market trends
  • One to One sessions to clear doubts
  • Option tweaking i.e. converting how to profit from losing option position
  • Identifying most probable expiry points
  • Identifying Participant Wise activity in the market on a daily basis
  • Understand & formulate a strategy market concepts related to Rollover, Expiry, Long & short build-up and much more
  • Understanding the basis of the option instrument to buy or sell

This one year course will ensure your understanding of the market goes to a whole new level and by the end of the course, you will be better equipped to trade, learn and earn.


Audience & Prerequisite

  • The course is designed for those who are serious about learning & trading in markets.
  • It benefits both traders as well as someone who has a stock portfolio.
  • Trading Capital or a portfolio of more than 5 Lakh is required for the best application of learning in this course.