Archive June 3, 2023

SEBI’s Bold Move: Tasks Brokers to Safeguard Fair Trading

It is thrilling to witness SEBI’s latest stride in fostering fair trading practices and eradicating market manipulations. In a circular issued yesterday to Qualified Stock Brokers (QSB), SEBI has entrusted them with an enhanced responsibility to diligently monitor unusual trade patterns, specifically targeting manipulations on deep Out of Money (OTM) contracts. SEBI’s drive to curbing

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Thrills of Failure

Bookstores are full of good books on dieting, but the world is still full of overweight people. One of my cuisines was an elegant dresser. She wanted to lose weight and she didn’t eat junk in front of people, but then in her kitchen, she would go for it with a big spoon. Every time,

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